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  • Alternative Fueling Station Locator This federal mapping application shows publicly accessible alternative fueling stations. Stations are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center This federal resource provides information on fuel types, laws and incentives, charging stations and more.
  • Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator This tool allows users to convert gallons of gasoline into greenhouse gas emissions, and see common household activities that emit or save an equivalent amount of emissions. This tool can help communicate the effectiveness of shifting to alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Hydrogen Hub This public-private partnership brings together key players in the shift to clean hydrogen. The hub has a resource page focusing on hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
  • Puget Sound Regional Electric Vehicle (REV) Collaborative Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Puget Sound Regional Council partnered to provide a clearinghouse of electric vehicle resources. This website provides information and tools on a wide range of electric vehicle topics including fleet switching, equity, infrastructure needs, funding, and more.

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