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Welcome! Thurston Commutes is your Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) resource center. CTR is a Washington State Law about encouraging workers to drive alone less, reduce carbon emissions, and keep the busiest commute routes flowing.

Who is Required to participate? 

  • Employers who have 100+ employees at a single worksite who:
  • Arrive between 6-9am, 2+ weekdays, for 12 continuous months of the year
  • Full time: scheduled 35+ hours per week

Are you affected by the CTR law? We're here to help you navigate the rules and implement a program that works for your specific worksite! 

Explore Your Transportation Options

heretothere_final Interested in learning more about the many ways you can get from here to there in Thurston County? Visit ThurstonHereToThere.org to find information on service providers, read about commute alternatives, discover parks, trail maps, recreation clubs, and more. Go there now…

New Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETC's)

Visit the Basics page to learn about the CTR Program and to review requirements that will keep your agency/organization compliant with CTR Law. 
Go there now...