Networking Sessions

Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Networking Sessions
You're not alone, TRPC, WSDOT, and Intercity Transit can help. So can your fellow ETCs! Our quarterly Networking Sessions provide an interactive opportunity to learn from ETCs and our community partners.
Networking sessions or meetings are a great opportunity for ETCs and their alternates (or managers) to gather to receive training, updates, or ask questions about various CTR subjects. The sessions are designed to help ETCs succeed in implementing workplace CTR programs.

Topics include:
  • Instructions for completing annual reports
  • Preparing a worksite for taking a survey
  • Tips for obtaining management support
  • Details for promotions such as the Bicycle Commuter Contest and Wheel Options

Networking sessions are fun and interactive and often involve guest speakers and group exercises. Sessions are scheduled quarterly and state agency ETCs are required to attend 2 meetings per year. All ETCs are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Review the dates below and register for the sessions that work for you.