Current Annexation Proposals

ANNEX2018-05:  City of Lacey Steilacoom/Marvin Rd Annexation

The City of Lacey has filed a Notice of Intention for Annexation with the Washington State Boundary Review Board for Thurston County. The City proposes annexing 12 parcels totaling approximately 259.1 acres in the City of Lacey Urban Growth Area. The properties are located near the corner of Steilacoom Road and Marvin Road. The City of Lacey is proposing to annex the properties through the direct petition method under RCW 35A.14.120.

The Notice of Intention for Annexation was certified as complete on November 30, 2018.

On January 14, 2019, Thurston County submitted a petition for review, thereby invoking review by the Boundary Review Board. In summary, the County believes the proposed annexation is an irregular boundary, the proposed irregularity presents boundaries that are impractical, and requests that the annexation area be expanded to encompass an additional 250.2 acres.

A decision is due by Tuesday, May 14, 2019, or 40 calendar days after the final public hearing, whichever comes first (RCW 36.93100 and RCW 36.93.160). The Boundary Review Board has a maximum of 120 calendar days after the petition for review is submitted to hold a public hearing and render a decision (RCW 36.93.100). This may be extended with the agreement of the Boundary Review Board and the City.