What is the process for changing the boundaries?
In Thurston County, the process for changing the urban growth boundaries is found in the county-wide planning policies. These policies are an agreement between the cities, towns, and county on how they will work together on planning issues.

The process is as follows:

  • Cities and towns will confer with the county about boundary location or amendment,
  • Proposed boundaries are presented to the UGM subcommittee of Thurston Regional Planning Council, which makes a recommendation directly to the Board of County Commissioners,
  • Following a public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners designates the boundaries and justifies its decision in writing,
  • Cities and towns not in agreement with the boundary designation may request mediation through the State Department of Community Development, and
  • At least every 10 years, growth boundaries will be reviewed based on updated 20 year population projections.

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1. What are the Urban Growth Area Boundaries?
2. What is the process for changing the boundaries?