With so many places to go, and so many options to get there - how do you choose? Let us help!

Whether you want to: 
  • cross town to visit a friend
  • change your commute to save money
  • get to veterans services without a car, or
  • find the safest walking route for your child to take to school
We want to help you get from Here to There around Thurston County and the South Sound region. Take a trip around the site and learn what best fits your life, your schedule, and your adventure. 

Typically, our transportation choices are made based on three basic questions:
  • WHO are you?
  • WHERE are you going?
  • HOW do you want to get there?
Make your choice and let us lead you to the information you need.
image of five anonymous people standing next to each other
image of feet in tennis shoes standing on street next to three-way arrow painted on the ground
image of red tricycle sitting alone on path in the sunshine