No matter who you are, or how you need to get around, you have options for how to get from Here to There, and everywhere in between. Below are resources to connect you with where you need to go, car-free!

BICYCLING image of two women chatting at car with their bicycles - click to learn more about biking resources

How do you want to ride? Learn more about routes and resources to make your ride just what you want!

BUS AND PUBLIC TRANSITimage of ruralTRANSIT bus turning left at a stop sign - click to learn more about transit service

Want car-free ways to get around? Check out local transit services and ride for free!

SCHOOL WALK ROUTES image of kids crossing street with crossing guard - click to learn more about school walk routes

Which way should you go? Find safe walking routes for your school.

WALKING & RECREATION image of women walking on path using walking sticks - click to learn more about walking resources

Looking for new walking routes or paths to explore? Check out the resources for walking and recreation.


Want to learn about telework options? We have resources for Businesses and Employees for Telework and Commute Trip Reduction.


Dial_a_Lift Opens in new windowDo you have a disability? 
You may be eligible for door-to-door Dial-A-Lift service.

TravelTrainingNeed help riding the bus? Intercity Transit has a Bus Buddy program and a Travel Training program that can help!

Veterans Opens in new windowAre you a veteran? The Lacey Veterans Hub has a van that provides door to door service.

VeteransWant to share the ride? Find resources for carpool and vanpool here.