Process Schedule

The STP, TAP, and CMAQ project application and selection processes are on the same schedule. The following 2018 dates and deadlines apply to all three programs. (Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) and Transportation Policy Board (TPB)).

 February 14  TPB Briefing on Process – Action: Recommend Grant Process to TRPC
 March 2
 TRPC Briefing on Process – Action: Approval of Call for Projects Process
 March 5 – April 27
 Call for Projects – Applications Accepted, TRPC offers support to interested applicants
 May 17
 Technical Advisory Committee Application Review
 May 14 – 25
 Public Comment Period
 June 1
 TRPC Briefing on Proposals Received
 June 13
 TPB Proposal Review – Action: Funding Recommendation to TRPC
 July 6
 TRPC Proposal and TPB Funding Recommendation Review – Action: Project Selection